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In American football there is a place for everyone, regardless of whether you are tall or short, fast or strong and with or without ball sense! You try out and play different positions.

Our teams, age groups 2024

U11 born in 2013, 2014, 2015

U13 born in 2011, 2012

U15 born in 2009-2010

U17 born in 2007-2008

U19 born in 2005-2006

Seniors born in 2004, 20 years and above

* For girls, there are also other rules, you can stay in a team for another 1 or a maximum of 2 years, on a dispensation.

This is simply so that girls can join and compete physically with the boys for as long as possible. From U17 it is usually still difficult to participate and from about that age girls train with a women's team where available.

U11/U13: from approx. 9-13 years

American football is still a fairly small sport in Sweden, and it varies from year to year how many players we have on the different teams.

U11 and U13 usually have all training together and often play Cups/matches together. U11/U13 have no fixed series game.


There is good cooperation with other clubs in Skåne/Södra and matches and cups are planned every season for the younger players.

In July, there will often be the first chance to play a larger U13 tournament: Dukes Tourney, in Skövde. Unfortunately, the player base in recent years has not been enough for the U11 tournament, but that can change. It is not uncommon for players from several clubs in Skåne to join forces and form teams for the Dukes.

The Predators host the Snapp Male Cup in October, which traditionally marks the end of the fall season in this region. In October 2023, the club had visits from more teams than usual and it was a success!

Late in the fall, these players sometimes have an opportunity (depending on individual physique and maturity) to get up a little early and play a few games at the end of the U15 team's series, when their own cups are finished. -Good to know is that once you have played a match in the U15, you cannot go back and play more in the U13. (then you have left the "PeeWee" league.)

About Series games:

How series are designed is determined by the SWE3 association before each season based on which clubs and teams have signed up.

Each series level plays one series a year. Seniors and U17 in the spring, and U19 and U15 in the fall.

This works best in practical terms as there is always a certain lack of judges, officials etc. It would not have been possible for our club, for example, to manage series games for all teams at the same time.

the whole year:

  • U11/U13 train and play together


  • U15 train with U17 - U17 play series.

  • The U19s train with the seniors, i.e. the Men's team - who play the Superserien


  • U15 train and play series

  • U17 train with U19 - U19 play series

U15: 14-15 years.

U15 is the first team to have established league games.

U15 train in the spring together with the U17 team. This means that the 14-year-olds who last season played with the U13s get a head start in training in the spring together with older players as well. It will be developing training that prepares well for games in the U15 series!

You also have the opportunity to compete for starting positions on equal terms with the older players, but it is unusual for players who are 2-3 years younger and come directly from the U13s to take a starting position in the U17s, so there may be slightly different matches -time depending on the circumstances.

)In such a case, you need to apply for an age exemption to be allowed to play a match in U17. The Team Leader takes care of that.)

In July, there will often be the first chance of the year to play a pure U15 tournament: Dukes Tourney, in Skövde.
During the holiday month of July, usually not everyone can participate, so there are mergers with other Skåne teams as needed. In that case, this team trains together in the weeks before the tournament. Please note that our participation in Dukes is determined year by year based on the conditions, it is not guaranteed.


The U15's own series is played during the autumn , around August - October. Training starts at the beginning of August, so it's important to get ready to play quickly!

U17: 16-17 years.

U17 plays spring series starting in April. Outdoor training starts in February, depending on the weather.

The U17s also have the opportunity to participate in the Dukes Tourney in July, if there are conditions.

In the autumn, these players then train together with the U19s, and have the opportunity to also play matches with them. It is not common for first-year U17 players to get a starting position in the U19, but in any case it is fun, tough and developing training!

U19: 18-19 years.

In the spring, the team trains together with the seniors who play in the spring series starting in April. In 2024, the Predators' seniors will move up to the Super Series and that means a big investment!

In the autumn, they train for their own U19 series, and the team receives additions from the U17s, who they train with.

The men's team, seniors from the age of 20

In the spring, the team trains for the Super Series, together with the U19s.

In the fall, training is done to sharpen the form for next spring.

Obligation as a member -active or parent

A prerequisite for the association to be able to function is all the fantastic people who are involved and work on a voluntary basis so that children, young people and seniors can practice the sport! Both active players and parents and other supporters are needed to be able to conduct business.

When your child -or yourself- becomes a member, it also means that you need to make certain efforts.
It can be about standing up as an official at one's own or another team's home matches. At home games, there are a number of tasks that need to be completed, such as being the ball boy or standing in the chain on the sideline. We keep a kiosk open so staff are needed for it as well as grilling.
For senior matches, entrance staff is needed. For away matches, we need help with transport.

Other roles are team leaders who take care of most of the practical aspects of a team. The team manager holds it all together with the coaches. Each team should have two or more team leaders.


All licensed members of the association have accident insurance that applies both during training and competition, and also on the way there and home. It also applies when you go to training camps and competitions outside your hometown.


Telephone number for Folksam: 0771-950950


More information is available on Folksam's website


Annual fee

All players in the association must have paid the annual fee to be allowed to train and play matches. The training fee includes a license where insurance is also included.

The fee that is invoiced at the beginning of the year consists of two parts, Membership fee (SEK 200) and Training fee .

For supporting members, it is the Membership fee.

* all costs during the year are not covered by this . A match fee is added, the amount of which is calculated annually based on planned activities and player background. See text further down.

Membership and training fee for each team:

U11 --

U13 --

U15 --

U17 SEK 2,300

U19? NOK

Seniors? NOK


At the beginning of the year, an invoice for the annual fee is sent out via e-mail. It is possible to pay via swish or bank giro.

Partial payment annual fee

All players who need can get an installment plan. Contact our chancellery at before the final payment date if the player/goalkeeper wishes to set up a payment plan.

If the payment plan is not followed, the player does not have the right to participate in training , matches or other association activities.

The fee is an annual fee and must be paid, even if the player quits before the end of the year.

If the player starts in the association for the fall season, the fee is:---

Match fee - Good to know about additional costs during the year:

The teams' respective operations need additional financial support during the playing season, mainly travel costs to/from matches. Why don't we write exactly what costs are added during the year? - Yes, because the teams' series games can look different from year to year, depending on which clubs have signed up for the respective series. This affects how many matches the series will be, where the matches are played geographically, and thereby the costs. Once the game schedule is determined, we can give more information about amounts.

The amount of the match fee is thus determined annually in each team/series, and is paid directly to the team.


Cost example: Away match during the league game when we hire a bus for the team and fill it up with parents and other supporters who have to pay for their seat.

In July, we often participate with several teams in the big annual Dukes Tourney - a three-day youth tournament in Skövde. The cost of participation in this tournament is not covered by paid annual fees/by the club, but you usually have to contribute a part yourself. Which amount it will be depends on the number of players who share the common expenses for bus/accommodation.

During the year, we therefore work to finance the activities of the club and our teams, among other things, through various sales and other non-profit activities. We are also looking for grants and sponsors. We want everyone to be able to participate without finances being an obstacle.
All ideas and initiatives are welcome and everyone's input is needed!

Sometimes we make efforts for the club's common coffers and other things are done directly for the team coffers. You can pay the costs or you can earn for this through sales or extra jobs, for example.

The team leader knows how it works in practical terms in the team you/your child is involved in.


Players need a helmet, shoulder pads and football boots, and a jersey - the shirt worn over the shoulder pads.


It is possible to rent helmets and shoulder pads from Predators - subject to suitable sizes - for players up to and including approximately U15.

Conditions for renting equipment:

  • Equipment is rented for up to 1 year.

  • SEK 200/semester or SEK 400/year. Invoices are sent out twice a year.

  • The equipment must be returned temporarily when notice is given, as the equipment is needed for club events. -then you sign out your rented equipment again. The equipment is returned if the player quits.

  • Normal wear and tear of equipment is acceptable and expected.

  • In the event of deliberate destruction or negligence of the equipment (e.g. throwing the helmet on the ground, lost helmet/shoulder protection) a fee of SEK 1,500/helmet and/or SEK 500/shoulder protection may be charged.

  • If parts of the equipment are missing, a fee for replacement parts may be charged.

For those of you who want to buy your own equipment , we can advise on both Predator's buy/sell Facebook page and Contact Sports, which is the largest supplier of American football equipment, and also happens bo be located in Kristianstad. At CS you find football shoes and jersey as well.



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