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Are You interested in combining American football with gymnasium studies?
In Kristianstad is National Athletes gymnasium in collaboration with Söderportskolan.

Are you interested in pursuing American football alongside your high school studies?

Through a partnership with Söderportskolan, Sweden's National Sports Education (NSE) offers a unique opportunity to combine elite training with your academic curriculum. If you are passionate about American football and want to excel in both sports and academics, we invite you to apply.

To learn more about this exciting program, please visit the following website:


NSE Kristianstad admissions for the upcoming year will be held on December 11, 2023. This event serves as a gathering at Kristianstad Stadium for all the applicants. The admissions process entails various components, including factual presentations, informative sessions, mobility and strength tests, scheduled to commence promptly at 09:00. Following a lunch break, we will proceed with sprint tests, culminating in a personal interview towards the end of the day.

Additional information will be provided on December 2, 2023, once the application deadline of December 1, 2023, has passed. If you have any queries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Last day to apply is Dec 1st.  (2023-12-01)

Admission to NIU is preceded by tests.

On December 11, we will meet everyone who applied at Kristianstad Arena. 

The combine starts with some facts and information.
Then we run tests of mobility and strength, which start at 09:00.
Sprint tests after lunch and a personal interview
 at the end of the day.


More information to come on December 2 - after the application deadline has passed. 

Contact us if 
you have questions!

Tyson Guillen, Head Coach American Football

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