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Practise schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Preliminary schedule
U11 / U13              18.00-19.30
U15 and U17         18.00-20.00
U19 and Seniors   19.00-21.00

Kristianstad IP, Konstgräsplan 2

Home field for all training and for the junior team's home matches.

Herrlagets matcher - Superserien

The Predators' home field for the men's team's games is Kristianstad Football Arena.  International games and other major events organized by the Predators are also held here. Both fields are located within Sports Area Söder.

Kristianstad Fotbollsarena

Båda planerna finns inom Kristianstad Arenaområde, också kallat Idrottområde Söder.

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