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Costs - obs not in use

Concept: Annual fee consisting of Membership fee and Training fee. Invoiced at the beginning of the year or when you become a member.

Additional costs called Game fee, handled by team manager - see text further down.

Annual fee

The annual fee consists of two parts, Membership fee (SEK 200) and Training fee , and is invoiced at the beginning of the year

Support members are invoiced only for the membership fee. The training fee includes a player license where insurance is also included.

Players in the association must have paid the annual fee in order to practice and play matches.

Årsavgift för respektive lag:

U11                       2 000 SEK

U13                       2 000 SEK

U15                       2 200 SEK

U17                       2 300 SEK

U19                       2 500 SEK

Seniorer/Herr      3 500 SEK

Flagfootball Mem/Mixed 1 200 SEK  *starting up

Payment annual fee

At the beginning of the year, an invoice for the annual fee is sent out via e-mail. It is possible to pay via Swish or bank giro.

Partial payment

Any player who needs can get a payment plan. Contact our chancellery at before the final payment date if the player/guardian wishes to set up a payment plan.

If the payment plan is not followed, the player does not have the right to participate in training, match play or other association activities.

If the player starts in the association for the autumn season, the cost will be SEK 200 membership fee plus half an annual fee.

Game fee - additional costs during the year:

All costs during the year are not covered by the annual fee.

The teams' respective operations need additional funding during the playing season.  
Additional costs are calculated annually or per season based on planned
activities and player base.

Why don't we write exactly what the costs will be? - Well, because we don't know in advance how many players we have in each team and that the teams' league games can look different from year to year depending on which clubs have signed up. This affects how many matches are to be played, where the matches are played geographically and thereby travel costs. When the game schedule is determined, we can give more information about the amount. We don't want to take in too much.

The amount of the match fee is thus determined annually in each team/series, and is paid directly to the team.

Example : Away match during the league game when we hire a bus for the team and fill it up with parents and other supporters who have to pay for their seat.
Example: In the summer, we often participate with several teams in the big annual Dukes Tourney - a three-day youth tournament in Skövde. The cost of participation in this tournament can be partly contributed by oneself. Which amount it will be depends on the number of players who share the common expenses for bus/accommodation.

Therefore we work during the year to finance the activities of the club and our teams, through for instance various sales and other non-profit activities. We are also looking for grants and sponsors. We want everyone to be able to participate without finances being an obstacle!
All ideas and initiatives are welcome and everyone's input is needed!

Sometimes we make efforts for the club's common coffers and other things are done directly for the team coffers. You can pay the costs or you can earn for this through sales or extra jobs, for example.

The team leaders know how it works in practical terms in the team you/your child is involved in.


All licensed members of the association have accident insurance that applies both during training and competition, and also on the way there and home. It also applies when you go to training camps and competitions outside your hometown.


Telephone number for Folksam: 0771-950950

  More information is available on Folksam's website

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