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Predators Secure Super Series Berth as Coach Bids Farewell

In a resounding victory over the Karlskoga Wolves (38-16), the Kristianstad Predators not only emerged triumphant but also secured their place in the highly coveted Super Series, at least from a sporting perspective. However, as they contemplate accepting the prestigious spot, the team must now embark on the search for new leadership.

"I am confident that this was my final match," declared an emotional Coach Shane Mosher.

Sports Director Tyson Guillen shed light on the situation, stating, "There is no guarantee that Shane won't be with us next year. Ultimately, it hinges on our decisions for the upcoming season, and naturally, there are financial considerations involved."

Mosher, who had not received a contract extension to guide the club's U19 team through the fall, had expressed his desire to remain within the organization. Nevertheless, despite the club's openness to his return, the Canadian tactician bid a heartfelt farewell, acknowledging that this was the end of an era.

"I am absolutely certain that this was my last match, and now I must move forward," shared Mosher following the triumph over the Karlskoga Wolves. "As far as I know, my contract has expired, and we have mutually agreed not to extend it any further."

When asked about the possibility of a future comeback, Mosher firmly dismissed the notion, saying, "No, I don't believe that to be the case. That's how I interpret the situation."

Reflecting on his desire to stay, Mosher added, "There was certainly a time when I envisioned a future here, but circumstances didn't align. It's okay; such is the nature of (American) football, and countless opportunities await."

Dispelling any rumors of a rift between himself and the club, Mosher clarified, "No, my contract has reached its conclusion, and I have honored my commitments. The club has its own decisions to make, and I fully respect that."

As for the significance of concluding the season with a spot in the Super Series, at least in terms of athletic achievement, Mosher emphasized, "Regardless of how the season has unfolded, one always aims to finish on a high note. While the club's politics and administrative decisions may evolve, we focus on what we can control – winning games."

Considering the potential acceptance of the Super Series berth, Mosher outlined his perspective on what it would take to compete at that level. "We may require a bolstered squad with more players. Undoubtedly, we possess talented individuals, but additional reinforcements are necessary. While we would be competitive as the current team, our aim is not merely to be adequate in the top flight; we strive to triumph," explained the determined coach.

Shifting gears to the match itself, the visitors launched a commanding start, swiftly securing two points on a safety. The Karlskoga Wolves provided a formidable challenge for Kristianstad, but the Predators swiftly turned the tide, displaying relentless determination.

Having previously defeated the Wolves with a resounding 42-3 victory in the series, the Predators continued their dominance on the field. River Kromnow set the tone by sprinting in for a touchdown and securing two extra points right at the outset of the second quarter, igniting the Predators' spirit.

Philip Juhlin subsequently contributed with two touchdowns of his own before River Kromnov put the game to bed, recording his second touchdown. The final whistle echoed, marking an exceptional performance from the Predators.

"It's an indescribable feeling right now. We executed an exceptional game plan, with every player performing at their best, both offensively and defensively," expressed River Kromnow, a homegrown talent set to embark on a Canadian football journey come autumn.

When asked about the significance of concluding the season with a victory, Kromnow replied enthusiastically, "It feels absolutely incredible. There's always a debate surrounding whether departing players should participate, but I was determined to see the season through and end on a high note."


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