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Predators Fall in Series Final, Setting Up Qualification for Superserien

In an exciting and closely contested series final, the Kristianstad Predators suffered a defeat by the slimmest of margins against the Limhamn Griffins, with a final score of 42-43.

However, despite this setback, Predators are still pursuing a spot in the Superserien.

"We have always stated that we will be in the Superserien by 2025, but if we manage to win the qualification, we may need to reconsider if we are ready as early as next year," commented Tyson Guillen, sports director of Predators.

The final took place on Saturday and featured a thrilling and intense match between the Griffins and Predators in the heated Skåne derby. Both teams had showcased their dominance throughout the season, but it was the Griffins who emerged victorious in the end against Kristianstad.

The return leg in Limhamn was even more dramatic. It was a rollercoaster match with intense competition, fantastic plays, and a high level of entertainment. Ultimately, the Griffins managed to secure the victory by the narrowest of margins, with a final score of 43-42.

Predators displayed an impressive fighting spirit during the match, turning a 26-37 deficit into a 42-37 lead. However, the Griffins rallied and executed a decisive touchdown to earn the crucial six points needed to surpass Predators.

"It's difficult to say anything negative about our performance. We gave it our all, but we couldn't stop their impressive offense," admitted Predators coach Shane Mosher.

By finishing in second place in the series, Predators will now face Karlskoga in a qualification match to reach the Superserien. The match will be played in Kristianstad on July 1.

The winner of the encounter will secure a place in the Superserien, provided the players, coaches, and the club believe they have the necessary prerequisites.

"We have always stated that we will be in the Superserien by 2025, but if we manage to win the qualification, we may need to reconsider if we are ready as early as next year," said Tyson Guillen, expressing the club's ambitions.

He continued, "When we're not playing in the top league, we unfortunately lose many young players, which is far from ideal. If we advance and play in the Superserien in 2024, we can hopefully attract back some players and prevent more from choosing opportunities abroad."

Among the Predators' players, Max Forsback and Viktor Neumann are currently playing American football in Berlin, Germany. Meanwhile, Rasmus Wretling and Robin Rydberg are heading to Canada to play for Ottawa Sooners and VI Raiders, respectively.

Additionally, River Kromnow, who was the standout player for Predators in Saturday's series final, awaits a North American adventure.

Unfortunately, Wretling and Rydberg will miss the qualification match against Karlskoga on July 1 due to their overseas commitments.

Looking ahead, Predators coach Shane Mosher knows what he wants.

"I'm a coach who wants to lead my team to the highest level possible. If we get the chance to play in the Superserien, I simply say, 'Let's do it, let's go.'"

While an official decision regarding Mosher as Predators coach for the next season has not been made yet, discussions and a fruitful dialogue between him and the club are ongoing, he revealed.


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