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Predators to Karlskoga to play against Wolves

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Today the Predators went to Karlskoga to play against the Karlskoga Wolves. Both teams had a lot at stake before today's match. The winner today will get home field advantage in the playoffs/qualifications. A particularly talented Canadian player was in the Wolves lineup, something the Predators knew would be a tough challenge. The Predators' defense had a lot to prove on the day, and they rose to the challenge. The defense allowed only 3 points, while committing 2 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries, one of which resulted in a touchdown. Myron Norfleet had a successful day. He completed 4 touchdown passes to River Kromnov, 2 to Jakob Stenberg and one to Oscar Brodin, as well as ran in a touchdown himself. The final numbers were 42-3 in favor of Kristianstad. The Predators are now 4-1 with 2 games left before the playoffs. Next weekend they face AIK at home in the Arena at 16:00. The weekend after that is an away match against Limhamn, a match that the Predators are highly motivated to win to secure first place.


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